Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Brett hops into the car the other night after soccer practice and tells me they are getting a dog! I was surprised. He continued, "Mom said if I played soccer we could get a dog!" So I said, "Didn't you want to play soccer?" His reply - "No, I did not!"
So we have Lucky - who is actually eight years old and such a nice dog. He never jumps. In people years that is 56 years old - thats my kind of dog!!

The boys are doing great at taking care of him. He is Lucky!


Easter weekend I ventured to Waterloo on Friday and then went to an Easter Egg hunt at Reagan and Drew's church on Saturday. In the above picture Reagan is holding her American Girl doll, Chrissa. Chrissa just got a new outfit which I brought from New York and Reagan found it in her Easter basket.
He's all boy! Drew thinks he is pretty cool driving his motorized vehicle and wearing his helmet.

What a little poser for pictures.

Besides the Easter egg hunt there were several centers for completing Easter crafts. Reagan is doing a tye-dying activity with coffee filters.

Drew decided he wanted to participate and he and Reagan each painted a suncatcher.

In Pomeroy the Easter egg hunt was on Palm Sunday weekend. Unfortunately the weather was not so great so they had to have it in the school gym. The eggs sure were not hard to find - but the prizes were fantastic.

Dane cashes in his eggs in exchange for prizes. He ended up with some movie tickets among other things.

An Easter egg hunt would not be complete without a bunny!