Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clever Halloween Costumes at Elementary School

The early learning teacher and associates always come up with the most clever costumes. Each of them made their own costumes. Emily Stelling (Elmer's glue) said that her husband wanted her to put the fluid ounces at the bottom of costume that would match the amount that would fit in the "Bottle." She opted to go with 842 ounces.

Trish is a red crayola this year - last year, if you remember, she was Big Bird!

The detail in this costume does not show up in the photo. It is made of felt and each letter is individually cut and glued into place.

Even the orange stocking cap looks like the lid on the glue.

A paint pallette makes up the threesome in the classroom. That paintbrush could be a wicked weapon! Great job girls - these are so cute.

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  1. Did you use poster board for the white and yellow of the watercolors.