Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big TOWN Celebration

The Amvets are still having theire two day celebration in August. There were a fair number of rides for the kids and carnival games for them to play. The evening meal at the community building is always well attended and everyone goes over to the mini-mall to play Bingo afterward. Brett and Dane each won at Bingo. In fact, Dane won two different times, so they pocketed a little spending money.

Brett liked riding the motorcycles, but he was a little camera shy and refused to look at anyone as he was going around. I got his picture anyway!

The dragons were kind of like the tilt-a-whirl, but not quite a fast. Brett wanted to ride but couldn't get his parents to go with him. Stacy went last year and had a headache the rest of the night. So Grandma went - and the ride was fun - it was stopping that made me dizzy!!

Where, but in a small town, would one find swinging bathtubs! Dane really liked this ride.

Everyone wins a prize with the duckpond! Brett got an inflateable pitchfork and Dane got an inflateable airplane - and Dad got to carry them around until it was time to go home. It doesn't beat Adventureland, but no one ever gets lost at the Amvets celebration - everything is confined to one city block!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Shower

What a fun morning we had getting together and getting excited for Mishelle and Steve, Eric and Luke on the pending birth of baby daughter and little sister. We had a baby shower at Maureen's with Rockwell City elementary employees, grandmothers' and close friends in attendance. Doesn't Mishelle look good!!
Grandma Karen (Mishelle's mother) and Grandma Kay (Steve's mother) were both there. They made some comparisons of how many grandchildren they had and Grandma Karen is expecting a great grandchild as well.

Maureen looks over the serving table which she had so tastefully done in pink while Deb is getting some quality visiting time with her.

Maureen and Cathy had fun planning the shower and especially enjoyed seeing everyone again. Maureen will be at Pocahontas Catholic this fall and will be teaching second grade. We miss her at Rockwell City.

The next few pictures are of some of the guests - Rachel and Andy sitting between the two grandmother's.

Pam, Linda, Deb and Linda look pretty comfy - and they are taking time to admire the really cute gifts Mishelle received.

What posers!! You two have had your picture taken a time or two!! Sherry and Rachel - both blonde - and Sherry has shorter hair - how cute!!

Friends from Pomeroy and "future babysitters" looking forward to the new baby

Nicole just landed a new job with AEA (and we are so happy for her, although we will sure miss her) Emily will really miss her - but we are excited that Emily is back full time! Nicole gave the baby the cutest little onesie - and on the front it said, "Does this diaper make my butt look big!" I just loved that little gift - it just keeps going round and round in my head.
Nora got there a little later than most. She just found out it was going to be a little girl so she had to exchange what she planned on giving and buy something pink - and it was CUTE!! She made up for it, though, she was the last to leave - but it was fun sharing stories with her. And Nora, we do miss your cookies!!

Sharon, Maureen and Stacy got caught for a photo

Deb, Kris and Karen - sorry about the light exposure -