Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Surprise

Marideth, Michael, and Marcia and spouses did a super job of organizing a surprise birthday party for their parents' sixtieth birthday. Because Miriam is a twin her sister also celebrated and her children, Jacob and Andrea were also great hosts. The party was held at Marideth and Johns, and they live on a beautiful acreage in Earlham, but Marcia fielded several phone calls getting people directed to the party.
After a fantastic meal we still had birthday cake, and it was delicious. Creative candles make it far less work to blow them out.

The "birthday girls" were dressed alike - thanks to sister Micheal. I am not so sure Miriam was too crazy about the dress, but she was a good sport. Mike is wearing his crown around his neck because there was no longer enough hair to keep it on his head.

They still look alot alike - but they REALLY sound alike - and if you have your eyes closed or your back turned you would not know which sister you were listening to.

Catching up on "Pomeroy news - Leon, Bill, Steve and Mike seem to be in a pretty serious conversation - NOT!

Bill and Linda, Leon and Marilyn, Marcia and Denny, Steve and myself pose for a picture before leaving for home. We had a great time.

John was busy grilling and he had quite a job because there were alot of people to fix food for - and the country air seemed to make us all the more hungry.

Marideth spent alot of time in the kitchen, but she finally had the opportunity to come and join the party. In the background is Miriam's mother and Karen with the red purse.

Micheal is having a conversation with Aunt Carol and maybe Uncle Jerry. Mike used to spend hours at the Rosdail house and Millie was probably reminiscing with some good stories about the antics of Jay and Mike.

Miriam called the next day and I understand their evening ended with yet another wonderful surprise - they are, again, going to be grandparents. Marcia and Michael announced the news of a new baby on the way - CONGRATULATIONS!
Thank you for such a wonderful day - and I hope we can celebrate many more fun times.

Reagan's Visit

Rachel, Drew, and Reagan met me at the Boondocks on Sunday and Reagan came back to Pomeroy and spent the week with me. She also spent alot of time with Brett and Dane. Monday didn't end as we had hoped. Reagan and I went golfing around noon. On the second hole I threw out a couple balls for her to hit - and she does have a super backswing! Unfortuneately, her club connected with my forehead and my head really started to bleed. She was scared and I knew I had to get us back to the clubhouse. My shirt was already saturated and two towels were soaked with blood so they called the ambulance. At the same time I called Stacy. Everything turned out okay, and it was just a superficial wound on the forehead. However, the doctor did not want me to stay alone the first night in case of possible internal bleeding, so Stacy and the boys came in and spent the night. In the two pictures you can see where Reagan has the boys playing with Barbies!

Reagan received a "Make it Yourself Bear" at Christmas and we finally got that bear done this summer. I did the sewing, and Reagan stuffed and dressed it. He is a cute little guy.

Reagan was also quite the little baker this week. She helped make banana bread and she is showing the finished product. Looks good enough to enter at the fair! She also helped bake cookies and those did not last too long. We had a fun week and it went by all too quickly. I took her back to Waterloo on Friday and I am not sure who was more excited to see each other - Drew or Reagan.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Night, Sleep Tight

There are places all over the state of Missouri to buy fireworks, so we bought some the last night we were there and had our own little fireworks show. The kids are having fun with sparklers. Drew didn't much care for the noise, but he seemed to get used to it.
There were some quiet times - Drew fell asleep on the pontoon. He actually fell asleep standing up. He was standing at the back of the pontoon watching his dad tube, and Cari took a better look at him and he was standing there - fast asleep - so I got to cuddle with him for awhile - not something he sits still for when he is awake.

Stacy took a few Zzzzz's while the kids were all down swimming.

And our vacation comes to an end!

Happy Birthday, Yvonne

Yvonne celebrated her birthday with us on June 30th. We had a cake from Dairy Queen and a candle that sang "Happy Birthday" - but the kids had it blown out before she got a chance so we had to serenade her.
I have a feeling the kids were more excited about the birthday that Yvonne was! Reagan was still coming down from all her birthday celebrations - we should have had a cake for her as well.

PlayTime at the Condo

Okay - so whose tummy is biggest?!

"Hey - I want in the contest", and I think Dane wins!!
Now lets compare who has the biggest foot - again Dane is the winner!!

Drew dares to jump from chair to the couch - which you notice is NOT in the picture - I don't think he made it - but he came close!

So Brett has to challenge him - not sure he made it either!!

Brett and Reagan are having a quiet time playing with a grocery store. they are stocking the shelves. Brett is a great little organizer - wonder where he gets that?!

Superman Drew and Brett are enjoying the little cars. VROOMMMM!

Taking Turns Tubing

Drew and Craig taking a ride while being pulled by the pontoon
Hang on Dave! Dane is a little nervous but he did GREAT!

Dane was anxious to go tubing but he wanted Dave to be his "support". they did a great job.

Even Brett gave it a try - which shows how far he came in a few short days - just getting out of the boat and into a lake takes courage - notice you see NO pictures of me in the water!!

Doesn't that look relaxing?

Reagan rode the tube all by herself - and she looked so small and far away riding the tube while the rest of us were in the boat. She did a super job!

Drew takes a little dip.

Afternoon on the Pontoon

Craig is on the lookout for a place to anchor the pontoon so some can take a swim in the lake.
Brett is quite the helper in navigating the pontoon

Yvonne is ready for the ride and Stacy is the "suncreen police"!

Fun in the Pool

The little ones really liked the floating tubes, but Dane and Reagan are really getting to be good little swimmers. Neither of the them have any fear of the water, and they are at the point where they can work on technique and distance when taking swimming lessons.
One of the few times that Reagan used a floater.

Until we came to the Ozarks, Brett wasn't very fond of the water. He would rather play in the sand, but he really took to the water while here, and I think it was because of the "boat" we found by the pool. He pretty much claimed that on day one, and was really comfortable in the water as long as he was in "his boat." Drew liked to play ball and throw the diving sticks to the kids.

The trick that got Dane over his fear of the water was goggles, and actually Reagan uses them also. Dane had to take a break every once in awhile for more sunscreen, and Reagan just kept getting browner and browner.
Brett taking his turn in the OTHER floating toy!
What a little camera poser - Drew just sees a camera and immediately says "cheese"!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Trip to the Ozarks

Our family vacation took us to the Lake of the Ozarks this year. We rented a four-bedroom condo in Camdenton, MO. Our view from the condo overlooked the lake and we had access to the swimming pool which the kids, big and small, spent alot of time. We also spent time boating which included tubing, local amusements, and our own fireworks before we left.
We were on the top floor and had a birds-eye view of the pool. If we weren't in the water we were relaxing as we sat around the pool.

Some pictures of the inside of our condo - it was clean when we came and clean when we left, but inbetween we really "lived" in it. There were large bedrooms for each family and a loft that had a gameroom including poker table, computer, and playstation2 - Dane's favorite!

When we first arrived it was nearly 100 degrees outside and the proprietor had failed to turn on the air in the condo so we spent a pretty uncomfortable first night until we got it cooled down. However, Brett thought it was necessary to light the fire in the fireplace - after all - why was it there!