Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Remeber the times in Pomeroy when we would get so much rain that the practice field at the school would flood? I must be getting used to the storms because I went to bed last night and did not even hear it rain - but RAIN IT DID! This is what I saw when I went to get the mail this morning.

There were several little kids playing in the water - so far I have not seen any canoes - but the day isn't over!
If we get another round of storms tonight - the school board might want to consider selling this piece of land for a summer resort!

Our old house is on an island right now. Water fills the backyard, neighbor's yards and the alley. What a mess!

Summer Fun

These pictures are in no particular order, but I needed to open up some memory on my camera. Stacy and kids, Rachel and kids and I shared one motel room over Mother's Day - and the kids had a great time swimming - but the room did get a little crowded come time to sleep. Reagan and Dane are in good humor is above picture.
Drew, Mr. Photogenic, is ready to take his tube to the pool.

While staying at Grandma's, Drew decided his Mom's car needed washing. Thing is, she had just washed it at the carwash - and Drew didn't do it much justice after he had finished. But he had fun.

While Reagan was camping with the Johnson's we took Drew to Rockwell City to the park, and when we got there we realized they had just opened the pools. In fact they were still filling the baby pool with water. Luck would have it that we had Drew's swimming trunks in the car, so he spent a great deal of the afternoon swimming.

Brett and Drew spent some time outside building with the bricks on the brick pile. I found bricks in some very unusual places - but they had fun.

Reagan was WIPED after a weekend of camping. I don't think she moved from the chair all afternoon.

Guess what the boys found out in the garage! They thought this mask was pretty funny.

Brian loved (and still does) SouthPark - so of course he needed a mask of one of the characters!

I didn't get to go the the school track meet, but Dane did very well. Success always builds self-confidence.

Oops! Looks like a couple boys got into some trouble!! We went to the Fort Museum in Fort Dodge one afternoon - and they loved the jail - until I locked them in and left the room!!

Brett is playing TBall in Rockwell City this summer, so he is a South Central Calhoun Titan! Wow - I am not sure I am going to get used to that mouthful after being a Rockwell City Wildcat for thirty years.

Yep -we are a Titan!

Brett's little baseball team

Dane plays baseball in Pomeroy - and this is his team.