Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grandparents Day at Daycare

Brett is sharing his alphabet book with Grandma Patti and "Papa." They made this book at daycare.
Brett is busy finding the letters that spell his name so he can autograph his picture in the frame. It was his gift to us.

He has them both done - that took alot of work - those letters were small and sticky.

Time to get out the snacks. Brett set the table for us and all of the other children had to wait patiently for their snack until we were served. That is the polite thing to do!

Addie is in the background - she is Brett's good little friend.

Patti has a lapful of kids! The little ones love the attention and they all get to share grandma's at Grandparents Day.

After we took Brett home we stayed for a sandwich and the boys had to get out their fake teeth - aren't they disgusting!!

Brett looks a little like Bugs Bunny in this picture!

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