Sunday, March 7, 2010

KidsFest in Des Moines

Saturday was a day for kids! I had planned to take Dane and Brett to the KidsFest in Des Moines. We were to meet Rachel, Reagan, and Drew at Cari's. Unfortuneately, Brett got sick during the night and try as he might to convince his mom that he felt fine - it was the throwing-up that kept him at home! So Dane and I left and met Rachel and kids at the Boondocks and then off to Des Moines.
The pictures are in no particular order, but Drew decided he wanted a laser gun. On the way home we thought those batteries would never wear out! And of course he wasn't the only one that wanted to play with it.

Dane got a little boxing practice in. Hardly seems fair - his opponent doesn't seem to have any arms.

Knoxville Speedway was there with a ramp and a racecar. The wait in line was alot longer than the ride, but the kids were really patient about waiting their turn. The line also gave Drew plenty of opportunity to decide whether he wanted to do this or not. First he was in line, then he ran back to his mom. Then it was budging back into the line only to be unsure if this was something he really wanted to do. In the end he took a ride!

How photogenic is this?!!

Darth Vader was there and while Dane wanted his picture taken with him, he really did not know who Darth Vader was! Nor did he know anything about Star Wars.

Reagan and Dane were cooperative in getting their picture taken, but outside the view of the camera is Drew - NOT wanting his picture taken!!

Dane spent over an hour waiting to get himself made up as a tiger. The black stripes in his red hair were really tiger stripes. Even the nails got painted to look like tiger claws - very short tiger claws!

Reagan also spent time getting her hair done and nails painted, plus a little makeup. That was a really popular area for the kids.

Drew was pretty fascinated with the slime. Reagan - not so much!

We had a fun day and the kids were tired - but they did get wound up when they got back to Cari's. We tried to get Dave to "babysit" for a couple hours Rachel, Cari and I could go out to Prairie Meadows - but no deal!! Somehow we figured that would be his answer, but it was worth a try.

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  1. Very good pictures to follow you and your family throughout the past year.