Sunday, July 11, 2010

Minnesota Vacation

Our family get-together took us to Woodbury, Minnesota this year. Our rental house was seven bedrooms, so everyone had a room and a bed - and Brian was pretty excited about that. He has graduated from the couch in the living room which seemed to be the hub way to early in the morning for Brian. Friday evening Dave, Cari, Brian and I went to a Twins ballgame. The new Target Field is beautiful, and we were so fortunate to be allowed to park in a VIP reserved spot right inside the parking ramp. We had no battle with traffic on our way back to Woodbury. The Twins won the game and Brian got a pretty good shot of Mauer during warmups.
It was a sell out game and during the 7th - Inning stretch one individual proposed to his girlfriend via the huge screen right behind us - I hope she accepted!

Cari, Dave and I spent one day in Stillwater, Minnesota. We took the trolley ride around the city and learned about the history of the logging industry and we heard some interesting stories about the beautiful homes built during this era.

Brian spent Sunday tubing down the Apple River. He found it to be a little shallow and came back with some nasty cuts on his feet - and he also lost his only pair of shoes - so he borrowed a pair of Craig's and we went shoe shopping at the Mall of America on Monday.

Curt, Stacy and boys went to the zoo one day. While there they got to meet Beth K. and new baby - the boys thought that little Korean was pretty cute!

A trip to the Science Center was part of another day. Dane should have had this bee gear on the day before - you will understand in a few minutes.

The favorite part of the Science Center for the boys was all the dinosaur skeletons. It was amazing to hear Dane identify each of the species without even reading the cards. He does know his dinosaurs.

Considerable time was spent at the house and the kids kept busy with the toys they brought with them. Brett got a farm set at Fleet and Farm so they are all playing with that. (Except Drew - farm sets don't have hockey sticks or balls to throw in them!)

Can't take a vacation without playing some games. Apples to Apples and Farkle occupied one evening for us - Dave and Curt were watching the races on TV - and Craig was at the races. Believe it or not - the kids were in bed!

This trip was not without some catastrophes. While at the Science Center Curt's back started acting up - so he is hoping Reagan can get rid of some of the pain. I think it worked a little.

Reagan had some birthday money to spend so a trip to the American Girl Store at the Mall of America was a given. She bought a new American Girl doll - I think it was Laney. She looks an awful lot like Reagan. The doll was some comfort because Reagan also met with a little accident and had to be taken to urgent care. She got her arm caught in the car door as it was being shut. We were thankful that it was not broken, just a bad bruise - but those can really hurt also. She was such a brave little girl - didn't even cry

Brett and Dane also had a little mishap. All four kids were playing on the deck outside and they were having a great time. I went downstairs for a minute and suddenly heard wailing and crying - I was sure someone had lost some fingers or something. As it turned out Dane and Brett had been stung by either a bee or wasp. Brett had two stings and Dane had one. It took awhile to get them settled down. Brett never would go outside to play after that mishap. Brian was sympathizing with them because he absolutely hates wasps. The funny thing is (well -maybe funny isn't the right word) Brian got stung the next day at Apple River. Minnesota must have bees like we have mosquitoes. Everything turned out okay. Before vacation ended Cari also got sick. She thought it was another flairup with her sinuses - but as it turned out she had an absessed tooth and had to get the tooth pulled as soon as she got back to Des Moines. I was also a little nervous about Brian because he still had not passed his kidney stone - and shortly after we got home he finally got rid of it. Hope he does not get any more.

Brett is nursing his bee sting on that calf of his leg and also the one between his fingers.

Cari and Rachel were entertaining the kids one evening by playing charades. The kids had to come up with a word and act it out and the girls would have to try and guess. Reagan came in and laid down on the floor and they thought she was Sleeping Beauty - but her word was actually "sleeping." The funny thing is Brett was next and he laid down on the floor like he was sleeping so we thought he was copying. Finally Cari asked for a clue -and Brett said, "its something you find in the toilet!" Use your imagination on that one!!

Not sure what Dane is doing in this picture but they had fun with this game.

Finally Cari and Rachel had a turn - they were Fourth of July fireworks - sparklers maybe?

Lounging and talking -

More of the same - house was so big I couldn't get everyone in the picture at once.

The boys liked to play war. All too soon it was time to head back to Iowa - each of us had four hours to drive - not bad - except I took Brian back to Cedar Falls and then we both drove back to Pomeroy. We stopped in Nora Springs to visit Mom for a little while. Until next year ----

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