Sunday, April 3, 2011

40th - Anniversaries

Niece and nephews are helping to remind Cari that she has a birthday - and it is a BIG ONE! It makes her mother feel a little older as well. However, kids love a birthday, and they are anxious to share the ice cream cake.
Another 40th is Terry and Pat's wedding anniversary. Cari was eight days old when they got married. Today we celebrated that marriage with an open house in Nora Springs. Everyone had a great time and it was fun to see old friends.
Mom was able to come for awhile, and she and Betty (Dianne's mother) are greeting the "bride and groom." I don't think Terry and Pat got out of the receiving line until nearly 8:30 - good crowd.
Cheers to WHATEVER! Mom thought she was drinking water! What a surprise.
Drew, Brett and the Charleston kids gathering for a picture with Mom. It had been quite awhile since all had been together with her.
Looks like she is having a good time. She still has her sense of humor.
As we get older it is more difficult to get the cousins altogether for a picture - a good looking bunch!

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