Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tumbling Tree

Rachel spent a "Girls Weekend Away" in Minneapolis and Craig decided to take the tree in front of their house down. So I went to Waterloo and watched the kids while it was being cut down and hauled away. Brian helped most of the day as well. The kids wanted to be part of the action most of the time and they were really good about staying out of the way and helping at times.

Craig and Brian were both very content to stay on the ground and clean up the mess. Both commented that they would NOT want to be up in that tree.

Drew found a log which he carried to the trailer. Some of the wood was cut up into logs for firewood, but alot of it was hauled away.

Drew was always finding branches that he could drag to the trailer.

It is amazing the holes that were put in the lawn when these branches fell. Like Craig said, "That would hurt!" They fell with alot of force.

Drew is still busy carrying branches.

Reagan has quite a load for the wagon. They both kept pretty busy.

Drew thought he had a chain saw like the big guys. His chainsaw, however, got tangled in the hair of the little girl next door!

Where's Waldo? Can you see the guy clear up in the tree?

I can read Brian's mind - and he is VERY glad he does not have to go up that tree. He does not like heights at all!

This guy reminds me of a squirrel jumping from branch to branch.

All that is left is what you see and its going down!! It left quite a dent in the lawn.

And that is the end of the tree. Marv came over just as the project was beginning and he really hated to see the tree being cut down, but he could understand why Craig was tired of the acorns and squirrels.

The weather was beautiful for November and Reagan and Drew are sitting and posing on the trunk of the fallen tree. It took awhile to get Drew to look at me.

Now they are both ready for posing for the picture

And the truck is loaded with branches. They actually hauled away several wagon loads of branches.

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