Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We are all ready to eat the feast and Drew decides he needs Lucky Charms for dinner! Nothing on the table looked good to him. So while we ate turkey, ham and all the trimmings Drew was enjoying Lucky Charms.
Brian is waiting in line to dish up his food - and I don't see any Lucky Charms on his plate.

Reagan reminded me even before Thanksgiving that she liked sitting at the little table with the rest of the kids. Drew decided he wanted to sit with his Mom!

Rachel bought a gingerbread village kit which she thought would be fun for the kids to put together in the afternoon. It was a little frustrating to get the frosting to hold the heavy cookies together, and it was finally discovered that putting them in the freezer for awhile helped hold things together.

Reagan is ready to decorate and it looks like Drew has already started!

The picure does not show it but lets just say its a good thing Drew had on a green shirt. His hands matched his shirt in no time.

Brett is very busy putting decorations on his house. It looked a little like the Griswald's from Christmas Vacation when he got finished - but he had fun.

Dane had a pretty village house when he got finished. And if memory serves me, all those little village houses are still in my freezer. Any idea what I should do with them?

Reagan looks so grown up in this photo. She was pretty busy decorating her house as well.+

Dane is pretty intense with his work and I like the way the sunlight is shining on him.

Time to work off a little of that food. Drew got pinned every time - in fact he would fall to the ground before he got taken down!

Reagan is going to put up a little more of a fight. I missed the picture with Dane wrestling Rachel - but his parents made him quit because they were afraid Rachel would get hurt.

A quiet moment when Drew and Brett were building.

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