Sunday, October 10, 2010

Visit at the Care Center

I am beginning to think this blog is "not supposed to be!" I lost my camera and looked for quite awhile, and was resigning myself to the fact that I might have to buy a new one. I was not so concerned about the camera but I knew I had these pictures on it. Yesterday I FOUND THE CAMERA! YEA!! So I am posting the pictures before anything else happens. After I got this blog all finished I realized I had two of the same so I tried deleting one picture and I deleted the whole blog - so I am doing it all over again.
Rachel came to Nora Springs to get Reagan after her summer visit so we went to the Care Center to visit Mom for awhile. The kids had a good time. There is a recreation room we can go to to visit and the kids had toys so they had "wiggle" room. There was even a puppy there that day so Reagan really enjoyed that!Jay and Dianne were entertained with the kids - and they helped them get ice cream cones out in the dining area. A funny story - if you notice Mom's necklace. They are the kind of beads you would get at a Mardi Gras celebration. She won them playing bingo. Rachel commented that she liked her necklace, and mom's comment was " You know these are really coming back into style. You would not believe the number of people you see wearing them nowadays." Must be a lot of BINGO winners!
A four generation picture
And another!

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