Sunday, October 24, 2010

Des Moines Weekend

Stacy and Rachel decided to run a half marathon in Des Moines in October so I went down and helped Cari and Dave with the kids. We had a "sleepover" while Rachel and Stacy slept at the Holiday Inn - because they needed to get going by 5:30 in the morning. Owen and Macy came over as well as some other neighbors and in the above picture the boys are enjoying a little Chinese cuisine.
Brett is enjoying the toys that Dave and Cari have and Dane loves to play all the video games that Dave has and he loves to use the equipment that goes with the video games.
One of Dane's favorites is the racing game
Drew is happy with his hockey stick!
Dave took the boys to an Apple Orchard while Cari, Stacy and I did a little shopping. They came home with caramel apples, so Dane is sharing his with Reagan.
Dave also organized a flag football game with the neighbors and nieces and nephews. Brett absolutely loved to get in the huddle, and they all made some pretty good plays. It was a beautiful fall day to be outside.
Sorry - I got this picture in twice - and last time I tried to delete I deleted the whole blog - so guess we just have two of the same picture!
Looks like Dane is ready for a little defense.
We went downtown about 9:45 and got there is time to see Rachel and Stacy cross the finish line. Rachel kind of snuck by before I could get a picture - don't know how I could have missed the lime green jacket! They both made good time - right at two hours.
Not sure what is so funny - and Cari probably will not appreciate this picture - sorry Cari - don't know how to take them off!
Reagan is having a quiet moment with Dave.

Drew was glad to see his Mom
The boys were proud of their mom and they liked the medal!
Grandma gets a little cuddle time from Reagan as well.

Reagan and Drew were signed up to run in the 400 meter run in the afternoon. Drew just wanted the shirt - but Reagan ran the whole distance. Next time Dane is going to join her.
He does like the shirt!
We had a great weekend and the weather has been so beautiful this fall - I think the girls have one more run before winter sets in. Good luck!!

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