Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great time at Christmas this year. Everyone was able to make it and the weather was cooperative. Thanks Craig, for taking the group picture - wish you were in it as well.
Dane, I have a feeling you should have cooperated with the photographer. He told you to SMILE!
Okay, that will teach you to make goofy faces! Dane is actually laughing in the photo, but he will learn not to mess with his Uncle Craig!
Santa was good to Dave. Being a Steelers fan, he got a jersey with the name of one of his favorite players on the back.
Not sure what was so interesting but everyone seems to be looking at Dave or Craig - who were out of picture range.
This year instead of stockings for the adults, a large basket of "stuff" was put in the center of the room and after the adults drew numbers, they took turns taking goodies from the basket. There were a couple grab bags, and Craig took a chance on one of them. Not a good idea - it happened to be a tie with all the books of the Bible on it. Doubt that will get worn too much.
Well, guess I have that picture in twice - and everytime I try and delete I delete the whole entry so, guess it will just stay.
Drew is anxious to see what is behind all that paper and tape.
After opening gifts there always has to be some time for games. Brett is the game player, and he and Cari were having a game of Memory - guess who won?!
Dane is more into using his imagination with all of his figurines, and he loves to have Cari play with him. It is fun to listen to them make up their game as they play.

Another shot of the "intense" game player.

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