Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow of the Season - November 13, 2010

Some parts of the state were not as lucky as we were this weekend - we got measurable snow! Because it is such a wet snow it really was fun to make snowmen and throw snowballs.
Dane got a big ball started for the first snowman. Brett helped him push when it got a little heavy.
They are trying to mold the body and this snowman has no middle - a bottom and a head!
I might add the body is a bit triangular so the head does not fit very well.

Curt decided to help them out and he removed and rebuilt the base of the snowman.

Now its time for the head and a few added features.
Hope Brian doesn't miss his hat when he gets home. We didn't have any carrots, but I did have a hot dog in the refrigerator so we used that as a nose - and we were without any chunks of coal so oreo cookies made good for the eyes - but they broke so Brett came in and got some grapes for the eyes.
Finished snowman!
The boys were so proud of the snowman! Then they got into a snowball fight - so Curt and Stacy took them home and I am sure they are still playing outside - a beautiful day for snow fun!

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