Monday, May 28, 2012

Brett's Birthday and Camping

 Drew and Reagan came to Grandma Cathy's on Wednesday before Memorial Day.  They stayed Wednesday night and Thursday night.  On Friday we went to Ida Grove to play at the campground with all the kids, and Reagan ended up staying with Brett and Dane.  Drew came back with me because Rachel was to come on Friday night.  On Saturday, Rachel and Drew joined the campers in Ida Grove.
 Sunday, May 27th was Brett's seventh birthday.  He was having such a good time with his water balloon fight that it was hard to get him to take time to enjoy his cake.
 Addie and Brett getting soaked with a water fight.
 Food is always a potluck at the campgrounds.  Brett had requested hamballs, a ho-ho cake and a jello cake.  He got all three.  Grandma Patti is famous for her ho-ho cakes and we ALL know about Stacy's hamballs!
 Not sure if Brett is going to get nailed or he is going to nail someone - but have a feeling it may be both.
 It took a long time to fill those water balloons, and Brett is pretty protective of them. If you did not help fill them, you don't get to throw them.  Fill your own!
 Danny Oberhelman was very patient in helping all the kids fish.  I think they all had some success in catching at least a little one.

 Drew was pretty excited about his catch
 And so was Reagan!
 Jenna got her share of attention.  Everyone took turns entertaining her.  She did n't spend much time sleeping - too many things to watch - she doesn't want to miss out on anything -

Addy wanted to get into the pool so she sat in in with Jenna - very little water - but she was a good babysitter.
 Drew took his turn.  Jenna wasn't very happy at first but we got her positioned so everyone was happy!

 The campground was totally decorated with flags honoring those that had served in the military.  That had to have been quite a job putting them all up - and taking them down!
Everyone had a great time - and went home tired - let the summer begin!

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