Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reagan Gets Her Hair Cut

Reagan went to Bible Camp at Twin Lakes and then stayed with me for a couple days. I brought her back to Waterloo on Friday and that evening she was excited to get her hair cut.  Drew was not wanting to be left out of the pictures!
 As Reagan is getting an appointment, Drew, again, jumps in front of the camera and talk about "a deer in the headlights!"
 Waiting patiently for her name to be called

 This is the length of her hair before the haircut - it wasn't quite long enough to have it donated to Locks of Love
 I don't think the hairdresser got it as short as Reagan and Rachel would have liked - but it is good for starters
 Time for a style
 FINISHED!  Really cute!
Still long enough to put into a pony - and it can always be cut shorter - much cooler for the summer and swimming

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