Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tulip Festival

 Patti, Brett and I went to Orange City to enjoy the tulip festival.  The weather was perfect.  The only thing wrong was that last year all the tulips had already bloomed because of the unseasonably warm weather, so it was decided to plant late blooming bulbs this year.  However, it has been so unseasonably cold that the tulips had not bloomed yet this year!!  In the above picture a group of Dutchmen are serenading Brett because it is his birthday next week.  He was kind of embarrassed, but both Grandma's thought it was pretty special.
 I took this picture because it reminded me of Jenna. She could really make tracks, and I would think she would have been really warm.
 The men and boys wash the streets - and Brett really wished that he were out there!  I think there was more water on the guys than on the streets!
 This job didn't look like nearly as much fun - and of course the women are responsible for all the sweeping!  There were all ages cleaning the streets.
 One of the many floats in the parade.  This is the story of the little boy who put his finger in the hole in the dike to hold back the water.
 Wooden Shoe size 160!  We did go to the old factory and watched as a pair of wooden shoes were made.  Brett was pretty fascinated with that.  I cannot comprehend how uncomfortable those shoes must be.  He did say some have them specially carved with supports to fit their feet.
 Antique tractors in the parade.
 Grandma Patti and Brett enjoying a lemonade.  Grandma Cathy and Brett had just ridden the big ferris wheel.  That was fun!
To finish up our day we took a carriage ride around Orange City.  We had intended to do that when we got there, but we missed the last morning trip so we had to wait until after the parade.  What a fun day we had.

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