Saturday, May 18, 2013

Templeton Rye

The School Marms took a trip to Templeton, Iowa this past week and we toured the distillery.  We never seem to run out of things to do.  Our tour guide was very informative about sharing the history behind the making of the whiskey, and lets just say I will never look at a swing set in the same way again!
 This was the first still used in making the whiskey.  They have come along way since then!
 Diane, Carol, Cathy, Candace and Diane enjoyed the day.  We missed you Nora - hope things are going okay for you.  We sure do think about you.

 As the sign says, this is the original bottle filler that was used in 2006.  Over 30,000 bottles of whiskey was filled with this machine.
 The whiskey is not made in Templeton.  It is only bottled.  We got to see the assembly line and this gentleman is corking the bottles by hand.  It is all he can do to keep up.

 We watched for awhile as they sealed and labeled the bottles.  Then they told us we could join the assembly line.  Candace and I took them up on their offer. 

 UMMM - there seems to be a backlog of bottles - and soon Candace and I lost our jobs!!
 The machine I was using was some sort of heat machine that sealed the plastic sleeves around the bottle.  It was actually kind of hot - I was glad to be done!!
Belly up to the bar, girls!!  We got to sample the rye whiskey and I personally thought it was pretty stout!  I think I would volunteer to be the designated driver - or just ask for a coke!  Very enjoyable day.

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