Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Trip to the Ozarks

Our family vacation took us to the Lake of the Ozarks this year. We rented a four-bedroom condo in Camdenton, MO. Our view from the condo overlooked the lake and we had access to the swimming pool which the kids, big and small, spent alot of time. We also spent time boating which included tubing, local amusements, and our own fireworks before we left.
We were on the top floor and had a birds-eye view of the pool. If we weren't in the water we were relaxing as we sat around the pool.

Some pictures of the inside of our condo - it was clean when we came and clean when we left, but inbetween we really "lived" in it. There were large bedrooms for each family and a loft that had a gameroom including poker table, computer, and playstation2 - Dane's favorite!

When we first arrived it was nearly 100 degrees outside and the proprietor had failed to turn on the air in the condo so we spent a pretty uncomfortable first night until we got it cooled down. However, Brett thought it was necessary to light the fire in the fireplace - after all - why was it there!

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