Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Surprise

Marideth, Michael, and Marcia and spouses did a super job of organizing a surprise birthday party for their parents' sixtieth birthday. Because Miriam is a twin her sister also celebrated and her children, Jacob and Andrea were also great hosts. The party was held at Marideth and Johns, and they live on a beautiful acreage in Earlham, but Marcia fielded several phone calls getting people directed to the party.
After a fantastic meal we still had birthday cake, and it was delicious. Creative candles make it far less work to blow them out.

The "birthday girls" were dressed alike - thanks to sister Micheal. I am not so sure Miriam was too crazy about the dress, but she was a good sport. Mike is wearing his crown around his neck because there was no longer enough hair to keep it on his head.

They still look alot alike - but they REALLY sound alike - and if you have your eyes closed or your back turned you would not know which sister you were listening to.

Catching up on "Pomeroy news - Leon, Bill, Steve and Mike seem to be in a pretty serious conversation - NOT!

Bill and Linda, Leon and Marilyn, Marcia and Denny, Steve and myself pose for a picture before leaving for home. We had a great time.

John was busy grilling and he had quite a job because there were alot of people to fix food for - and the country air seemed to make us all the more hungry.

Marideth spent alot of time in the kitchen, but she finally had the opportunity to come and join the party. In the background is Miriam's mother and Karen with the red purse.

Micheal is having a conversation with Aunt Carol and maybe Uncle Jerry. Mike used to spend hours at the Rosdail house and Millie was probably reminiscing with some good stories about the antics of Jay and Mike.

Miriam called the next day and I understand their evening ended with yet another wonderful surprise - they are, again, going to be grandparents. Marcia and Michael announced the news of a new baby on the way - CONGRATULATIONS!
Thank you for such a wonderful day - and I hope we can celebrate many more fun times.

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