Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reagan's Visit

Rachel, Drew, and Reagan met me at the Boondocks on Sunday and Reagan came back to Pomeroy and spent the week with me. She also spent alot of time with Brett and Dane. Monday didn't end as we had hoped. Reagan and I went golfing around noon. On the second hole I threw out a couple balls for her to hit - and she does have a super backswing! Unfortuneately, her club connected with my forehead and my head really started to bleed. She was scared and I knew I had to get us back to the clubhouse. My shirt was already saturated and two towels were soaked with blood so they called the ambulance. At the same time I called Stacy. Everything turned out okay, and it was just a superficial wound on the forehead. However, the doctor did not want me to stay alone the first night in case of possible internal bleeding, so Stacy and the boys came in and spent the night. In the two pictures you can see where Reagan has the boys playing with Barbies!

Reagan received a "Make it Yourself Bear" at Christmas and we finally got that bear done this summer. I did the sewing, and Reagan stuffed and dressed it. He is a cute little guy.

Reagan was also quite the little baker this week. She helped make banana bread and she is showing the finished product. Looks good enough to enter at the fair! She also helped bake cookies and those did not last too long. We had a fun week and it went by all too quickly. I took her back to Waterloo on Friday and I am not sure who was more excited to see each other - Drew or Reagan.

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