Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wisconsin Dells

 Craig, Rachel, Reagan, Drew, Yvonne and I went to the Wisconsin Dells over the 4th.  We had a great time but there were all kinds of heat records broke across the nation that week.  It averaged about 100 degrees during the days we were there.  The last day the temps dropped, however.  We stayed at Christmas Mountain in a very nice two bedroom cottage.
 We didn't spend much time out on the patio porch - it was too hot.  It was good for drying clothes and swimsuits though.
 Breakfast at Paul Bunyon's -in Drew's words - "he was a big guy!"
 The night of the fourth we went to the Tommy Bartlett Show.  This is a water ski show and we saw some very talented skiiers - and the clown, Aqua - a performer that Drew did NOT like!  I remember a time when his mother did not like clowns either!
 Much of the time was spent in the water.  There was a pool very close to our cottage, and one entire day was spent at Noah's Ark Waterpark.  Yvonne and I spent the day at Ho-Chunk's - and, no, we did not come home with any winnings - but we had fun and stayed cool.
 This was the second cabin we stayed in on Friday nite.  Yvonne and I slept in the loft - and this was a once up, once down kind of ladder.  Very pretty - but sure glad I did not have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! 
 The river was very close to the cabin, so once again the kids got to play in the water and build sandcastles.  There was also a pool that they spent time in.  Just before leaving the pool Drew said, What's those wild things?"  Here an entire family of baby racoons was under the deck by the pool.  Cute, but Craig reported them and the manager said they were going to trap and move them that night.  Some of the visitors had been feeding them so they were hanging around for a handout!
 Taking pictures of people taking pictures - Yvonne and Rachel
 The Lindsay family
 Drew got a new hat - wasn't sure he liked it at first, but then he wore it all the time.  He and his dad decided they needed to go fishing.
 Pictures of the log cabin - very nice
 Drew, watching intently, as Craig gets the pole ready.  I told Drew I expected him to catch a walleye for our lunch the next day - didn't happen!
 Notice the black shirt in pictures above and then look below.
 Drew begged all week to have the underarms of his shirt cut out - he thought he was pretty cool!  I have a feeling that shirt will get alot of wear this summer!
On Saturday we took a tour of the Dells on the Army Duck Boat.
 It was very interesting to listen to the history and formation of the Dells

 Can't remember the name of this formation - but our tour guide thinks it looks like the rear end of an elephant!
 Tatoos from the night before
We had a great time, dispite the heat, and now I am home, unpacked, clothes washed, and sharing my memories.

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