Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy, Busy August

 Reagan and I started the month out with cut fingers!  Reagan loves the potato chips that can be made with Pampered Chef potato chip pan and the microwave.  I purchased the "simple" slicer to make it easier to prepare the chips - and guess what!  We both cut our fingers on it - and it was no small cut - we both bled for quite awhile - but our fingers eventually healed.
 Jenna spent her first sleepover with me while Stacy and Curt went camping.  She was a good girl and we had fun playing.  She can really make the walker move around already.
 Reagan really enjoys Jenna too.  She is getting much easier for the kids to manage and play with.  Not shown here, but Reagan also changed Jenna's diapers!  She will be a good mother someday!
 Drew also stayed with me for the first time.  He stayed for three days!  On Saturday we went to a wedding, and he was pretty excited about that.  During the ceremony he leaned over and said to me, "Grandma, why did that man have to help you to your seat?"  Guess he thinks I must be getting old!
 August brings birthdays.  Curt and Brian celebrate their birthday on the same day - August 25th.  I was in Des Moines, so Cari and I took Brian out for his birthday supper.
 The oldest and the youngest!!  Sixteen years difference in age - and they are both lookin' good!
 Cari and I left for Chicago using the MegaBus. This is a very economical way to travel.  Cari went to a birthday party for Larissa and I visited Carole and Dick (my cousin).
 One of these pirates is not like the others - old Sesame Street riddle!  We were on the Navy Pier in Chicago.  We had also taken a boat tour on the Chicago River and saw the architecture of many buildings of Chicago and also heard of the history is Chicago including the Chicago fire.  Very interesting
 Can't be in Chicago without trying a Chicago pizza - however, that must be what everyone else was thinking because our wait was over an hour just to get a table - but it was worth it.
 Carole and Dick were going to take me to a jousting event - but when we got there we were the ONLY ones there, so Dick got on the phone to ask about it, and we found out there was not a 2:00 performance as they had advertised. 
 On to Minneapolis - I went with Jay's and Terry's and Friday nite we went to the horse races.  We won a few and lost a few - but a very entertaining evening, and not very expensive -I should, however, bet on the gray horse - guess they don't win often, but when they do the payoff is good!
 Picking the winners

 I think next time I will put my money on the John Deere Tractor!
 Saturday we spent the day at the Renaissance Fair.  This is quite an experience.
 Shows are great!
 There is much audience participation - and be expected to be made a fool of--
 Huge rocking horse - looked fun
 It had rained and was muddy - but this is taking it over the top
Our last stop in coming home was Cabela's - what a neat store - made it back to Pomeroy on Sunday evening.  Wonder what September will bring?

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