Monday, December 31, 2012

Retired School Marms

As teachers we have planned and supervised many a field trip.  Now that we are retired we are planning our own "field trips" and it is amazing how many things we find to do locally that we have not seen before.  In December Candace organized a get-together to the Allee Mansion near Newell.  We toured the beautiful home and had a delicious dinner fixed and served by board members of the historical society.
 Attending were Marilyn Olivari, Diane Wintz, Nora Birt, Connie Vogel, Carol Ford, Candace Booth, Diane Lenertz, and me (Cathy Charleston)
 Our host and hostess for the tour even dressed the part.  They were very informative about the history of the mansion and the people that lived in it.  We had to finish the tour after dinner because of the wealth of information.

 Some pictures of the rooms within the mansion - it was very festively decorated for the season.
 The upper part of this stove with the pie in it, is often mistaken for a "Microwave" when children tour the mansion.   They cannot imagine life without one!  (Nor could I!)
 The formal dining area is where we had our dinner.  Children are not allowed in this area to eat until they are adult children, or married.
 The ceilings were all beautifully papered to respresent the original work.
No, its not a canoe - its the bathtub - pulled down from the wall, and water had to be heated on the stove downstairs and then carried up to the bedroom. Quite an effort to take a bath. Below, Diane and Nora have to try out the old pump organ.  They serenaded us with some Christmas songs

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