Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy First Birthday!

Stacy outdid herself in decorating Jenna's first birthday cake.  Very nice job!
 Jenna was eating when guests arrived.  She was all dressed in pink with her Happy Birthday shirt on!
 Lots of presents in the past few days and another Christmas to go!  Life is good!
 Dad is showing Jenna how to blow out the candle.  She did catch on to blowing but not enough air to extinguish the flame!
 Jenna also had her own cake to mess in - but she didn't like getting her hands dirty.  Her brothers helped her push her hand into the cake.
 Not sure she liked that!
 Jenna got a handprint kit for Christmas so Brett thought this would be a great time to do it.  Stacy got the stuff all mixed up and we got Jenna ready.
 Didn't work so good!  Her hands were a mess!  I am sure she thinks these adults are silly sometimes! Kids get in trouble for making messes - and then look at the mess Mom makes!
Not to admit failure, Brett has to prove to us that this will work!  Stacy finally took the whole kit and threw it in the garbage.  So much for that Christmas present!

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