Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas at Grand Harbor

 Grand Harbor Resort in Dubuque was where we had our Christmas this year.  The kids kept busy with the waterpark, the arcade, and the adults had Diamond Jo's right across the street.  Sweet!
 Dane is swimming in the lazy river
 Reagan taking time out to pose for a picture
 Drew was tired, but I think he got his second wind after supper!
 Jenna loved the water!
 Brett and Reagan liked the waterslide and went down it together several times
 Everyone has a little bit of  "kid" in him - regardless of age!
 Cari enjoyed the lazy river, but got a little dizzy and queezy after awhile -
 One of the highlights was a huge bucket that filled with water and then dumped every so many minutes.  Everyone got soaked that was in the path!

 Some even stood and waited for it - Brett is on the far right of the picture.  He stood there quite awhile waiting for the "dump."
 Love my Aunt Cari -
Time to take care of business - opening the presents - Brian is helping Jenna with opening her gifts.
 Now we need Uncle Brian to figure out all the directions!
 And we need Uncle Curt's pocket knife to get all the straps and tape from the packages
 Brett and Drew checking out the ipads - and Dane in the background doing the same
 The snowmobile sled was a big gift going to a little boy - he will have lots of fun sledding when he gets back to Waterloo.
 Lucky Rachel!  She chose the grab bag gift with "the brain" in it.  This gift is passed around each year - and some lucky adult choses it from the white elephant grab bag.  Somehow it always ends up in my packages, though, to take home and regift next year!
 The kids also had a white elephant exchange.  Dane ended up with an orange wig and huge glasses.  It couldn't have gone to a better person because we all love to hear him get the giggles - and he did!
Wow!  What a weekend - so says Rachel.  We did have fun.  It was relaxing, kids were great, lots of things to keep everyone busy - and we all got plenty of sleep - right?  For sure Brian, Jenna and Stacy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - 2013!

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